Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Lions Live Cricket Scores

The Champions League 2010 has entered into a stage where the teams are playing virtual quarter finals. Net Run Rate is probably out of picture because the team that wins in today's match between Royal Challengers Bangalore Vs Lions will enter the Semi Final. In this group South Australia has already made it to the semi final.

Similarly in the other group, Victoria has 3 wins out of their 4 matches. Chennai Super Kings will take on the Warriors tomorrow who are unbeaten in the 3 matches they have played so far. If Chennai Super Kings beat Warriors with a narrow margin, then they will qualify to the semi finals along with the Warriors. If Warriors are beaten by a very big margin; probably Victoria will qualify to the semis with Chennai Super Kings. The equation is simple if Chennai loses against Warriors tomorrow. The two teams entering semis then would be Warriors and Victoria.

Following is the current standings:

Royal Challengers Bangalore will have a tough fight against Lions who have been quite dominating in this league. Cricket can't be more exciting than this. Catch the action live with useful links:

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