India Vs Australia 1st Test - Day 5 - The Decider

India Vs Australia 1st Test Live Scores

Well what should we call this test match as? It never stayed on either side for too long.. It should be called a see-saw! A match full of fluctuations and flip flops. Now at the end of day 4, Australia is a bit in the driver's box.

Day 5, the decider! India needs 161 more runs to beat Australia. With the likes of Sachin, Dhoni, Laxman the score isn't big, but pressure can beat anyone. Australian bowlers are bowling hard to beat the Indians.

One can't afford to miss a second of day 5 from this exciting test match. Stay tuned as day 5 unfolds the name of the one who will be victorious amongst the two titans.. India or Australia.

If India wins, this will be India's 7th highest run chase in Test cricket and 4th highest by any team in India.

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