India Vs Australia Live Scores - Day 3

India Vs Australia 1st Test - Day 3

Good Morning! It is Sunday and you have a nice third day to watch between India and Australia. Match is evenly poised and it can swing either of the sides. Day 3 will make the picture clear. India's batting has an added advantage of high scoring run rate which definitely puts some pressure on the opposition. 

Australian bolwers have removed Sehwag and Gambhir but Dravid is in full flow. With Sachin, Dhoni, Laxman, Raina and others to come; things are not going to be easy for the Kangaroos.

If Australian bowling clicks on time, Indians might succumb to pressure. Still it is very hard to predict which way this exciting match is going. Let the Day 3 unfold what it is holding back as we stay tuned to India Vs Australia.

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