India Vs New Zealand Live Streaming Scores - 3rd Test

India Vs New Zealand 3rd Test Live Streaming Scores

Much more is expected from the number one team now. Except Virender Sehwag no one has actually tried to push in things in the batting line up. Things never looked as if a number one team is dominating the series. It hardly look Mission Domination; the way it is christened right now. Hopefully team India continues its dominance in test cricket with a win in the Nagpur test against New Zealand.

As the series following this would be India Vs South Africa test series in South Africa; India has to finish up the things with a psychological edge over the opposition. New Zealand on the other hand has actually done a brilliant job managing to draw the two tests. The initial speculations are all termed wrong by the Kiwis where it was thought that they might see a clean sweep in the test series.

A worrying factor for the teams as well as the cricket fans is that the unseasonal rains has hit the venue hard which probably may result in delayed start. Let us hope this test match brings along a result in turn ending the series in one the bags of one of the two teams. Stay tuned with India Vs New Zealand live streaming online as we all watch some exciting cricket all the way.

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