India Vs South Africa - Cricket Nirvana Live Streaming

Cricket Nirvana Live Streaming - Ind Vs Saf

Most awaited match in Group B! India Vs South Africa at Nagpur on a nice Saturday! Can a cricket fan ask for something more than this? With all the big names like Sachin, Sehwag, Zaheer, Dhoni, Smith, De Villiers, Amla, Steyn, Kallis, etc featuring in this match, it is absolutely a worth watch match.

India enters this match being unbeaten in the world cup and South Africa would like to improve their standings as they lost an easy on against England. India with few weaknesses in bowling and fielding department has to pull up socks if they have to win here.

South Africa has been good with bowling and fielding but their batting tumbled against England under pressure. They have to work on it.

Overall a nice match on our hands where we may see Sehwag hammering the South African bowlers again or may be Sachin hitting another ton, another five for from Yuvraj or sixes from Yusuf. Much in store.. So keep watching!

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