India vs England Test Records

India vs England Test Records

England's tour to India will begin with four test matches. These two teams will produce quality test matches and they have done it in the past too. Let us have a look at few important India vs England Test Records.

The test history span between these two countries is from 1932 to 2011. Total 103 test matches have been played between India and England. India has managed to win 19 and lost 38 matches to England. 46 test matches resulted in a draw. 

These numbers may mislead you because the cricketing affair isn't so one sided in last couple of decades between India and England. Following is series result summary of India vs England test series played in this 21st Century:

England in India (2001-02) - India won 1-0 (3 test series)
India in England (2002) - Series drawn 1-1 (4 test series)
England in India (2005-06) - Series drawn 1-1 (3 test series)
India in England (2007) - India won 1-0 (3 test series)
England in India (2008-09) - India won 1-0 (2 test series)
India in England (2011) - England won 4-0 (4 test series)

If we minus the last test series that India lost by 4-0, overall we have seen India in the driver's seat with three series wins. We are surely going to witness a very tightly fought test series in India.

Now let us have a look at some important statistics belong to India vs England Test matches. You might have a question in your mind that what is the highest total in India England test matches? Well the highest innings total in a test match played between India and England is 710 for 7 wickets (declared) by England on 10th August 2011. The second highest total is 664 scored by India in 2007 at the Oval. 

If we talk about the highest total we should also talk about the lowest! Isn't it? Indian team was bowled out at a score of 42 runs (17 overs) at Lord's in 1974. England's lowest total against India in test match is 100 runs. 

This was all about the team records. Now time for some individual records.
Top run scorers in India vs England test history are as follows:
Sunil Gavaskar - 38 matches - 2483 runs
Sachin Tendulkar - 28 matches - 2423 runs
Rahul Dravid - 21 matches - 1950 runs
G Vishwanath - 30 matches - 1880 runs
Graham Gooch - 19 matches - 1725 runs

Highest Individual Scores are as follows:
Graham Gooch - 333 runs - 26th July 1990
Alastair Cook - 294 runs - 10th August 2011
G Boycott - 246 runs not out - 8th June 1967
Ian Bell - 235 runs - 18th August 2011
Vinod Kambli - 224 runs - 19th February 1993

Most hundreds in India vs England test matches are as follows:
Rahul Dravid - 7 centuries in 21 matches
Sachin Tendulkar - 7 centuries in 28 matches
M Azharuddin - 6 centuries in 15 matches
Ian Botham - 5 centuries in 14 matches
Kevin Pietersen - 5 centuries in 12 matches

Most wickets in India vs England test history:
B Chandrasekhar - 95 wickets in 23 matches
Anil Kumble - 92 wickets in 19 matches
Bishan Singh Bedi - 85 wickets in 22 matches
Kapil Dev - 85 wickets in 27 matches
Bob Willis - 62 wickets in 17 matches

Hope you all liked the statistics presented in this post. 

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